Summer Youth Voice Event 2018


This weekend I went to my first ever Youth Voice Event, it was fantastic. We had different workshops we could do as well as playing games and doing team building activities.

The first Workshop I did was from a person who works for Fixers. Fixers help young people who want to spread a message about something important to them in a positive way. For example topics could be about mental health, disability and road safety.  Fixers then works with the young person to create content they can use to help spread their message; for example animations, documentaries and music videos.

We were split into groups and we had to put cards that said something about what challenges young people can face into order of importance to us. This was very interesting as we all had different views. Some example of the cards was domestic violence, knife crime and substance abuse.

In our groups we then had to brainstorm ideas of if we made a video what topic would we chose. After this we then made our own personal videos to be put on Twitter.

My Twitter Video.

My next workshop was all about Mental Health. We discussed how when you talk to others your tone and body language can change depending on each other’s emotions. We also discussed statements read to us and we had to decide if we agreed with the statement or not. We then wrote our own pledges on card and put them all over the tree. My pledge was to ask my family and friends how they were feeling and how their days been. This is something the charity Time To Change came up with.

If you would like to do this write your pledge and use the #inyourcorner. Take a photo and post it on your Instagram Account.

The Pledge Tree

In our last workshop we talked about all the different types of services young people could access and if we had heard of these services or even used one.

We did an activity were we had to make a wall out of marshmallows, we then threw sweets at it. No groups marshmallow wall feel down, we did the activity to represent the marshmallows as the services we could use and we were the sweets trying to access the services however it is very hard for young people to access services and it takes a long time.

After the workshops we had burgers, hot dogs and ice cream we also listened to music played by a DJ.

Having ice creams on a lovely sunny evening after doing some great workshops.

The day was absolutely brilliant I learned lots, felt like I could help make a difference, had a great time with friends and made some more lovely new friends too!

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