Supported Living Diary- First Sleepover


A few months ago I went for my first sleepover at the supported living place I hope to move into.  Closer to the time I wrote another blog post about this but now I have moved to using word press instead, so I have decided to write it again.

On Tuesday evening I had my first sleepover night at   the supported living place I hope to move into. I was nervous to see what staying the night there would be like.

The Nerves 

Throughout the day I was feeling very anxious, stressed, worried and scared. I wasn’t sure what would happen. I was anxious because I hadn’t seen my care plan, I wasn’t sure if the staff at the place would not know what to do if i had a seizure or if I got my hands on anything I could harm myself with.

Luckily I saw my care coordinator during the day they were very good at helping me to calm down. I was also anxious because I had thoughts buzzing  in my head at 100 miles an hour ” What if they don’t have my living aids I need”.  As well as this not very long before the sleepover I had chosen my bedrooms curtains but I wasn’t sure if they would have arrived on time.

On The Way 

On the way to the house I felt scared and sick.  It felt like I had dozens of butterfly’s in my stomach. I wasn’t sure if i wanted to stay the night because I had felt so stressed about it earlier the same day.


When I arrived at the house I saw my room. My parents and the staff were good at trying to make me feel a bit more relaxed and not so anxious. My parents and I still hadn’t seen the care plan but I enjoyed seeing what I needed to get for my room and thinking about colour themes ideas. I decided to stay the night.

Night Into Morning 

The night was ok it went better than I expected , I had staff come and check on me throughout the night and support me when I had a seizure. My parents said they would collect me if needed but I stayed the whole night.  In the morning I felt alright so had breakfast then went to college.

When I saw my family I told them how it went.

I’m glad I did it despite all the feelings beforehand.






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