My Experience Volunteering With My Local Library


From May till the end of August 2018, I have been volunteering at my local library once a week. I thought I would write about my experience volunteering there.

I have been going to libraries for years all the way through my childhood. To me there’s something special about finding a book on a bookshelf and every time you go you find something else… bit like treasure hunting I guess.

Before I started volunteering there I was so excited to see what it was like to work there compared to using the service.

By volunteering at the library I got more of an understanding of how the place is run from how the books are organised to finding books people have reserved and making sure that those books go to the right library.

By volunteering once a week I got to develop my design skills. I made posters and book displays for the library. I made a book sale sign and did the book sale display.

I sometimes helped to make posters telling people about upcoming activities the library was having for example Story Time Morning.

By volunteering at the library I used my IT skills quite a bit from designing to putting new books into the libraries computer system.

I priced books the library had for sale I found this very interesting because I got an understanding of how they do fundraising for themselves. They also have cake sales too.

I enjoy talking to parents who came in with their children as I could give book recommendations.

All in all I loved volunteering at the library and I would recommend it to anyone who loves books or talking to children and their parents.

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